Crystal Visa Infinite: Credit Card Launch

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City National’s luxury travel card didn’t look, feel, or sound like a luxury travel card. So when the product team went to create a new metal-embedded card to replace the old one, we created a new, premium brand. We gave the card a tagline that paid off its prowess as a travel card, and we developed a voice and tone to fit its luxury benefits.

We then launched an acquisition campaign with all assets driving to the Crystal Visa Infinite microsite:

The Invitation to Apply

We sent direct mailers to pre-approved clients, touting the exclusivity of our new Crystal Visa Infinite brand. You can see the pdf version of our direct mail brochure, and see the important bits of the letter we sent to existing clients here:



We also sent invitations via email, and promoted the benefits of the card via digital ads, sales materials and in-branch advertising:

The Welcome Package

After they were approved for the card, clients received a lovely little welcome package that included

an even better brochure

than their invitation to apply.

Crystal Card Experiences

Once you’ve got the card, you get access to popular events, but VIP style. Here’s one of them: