LifeFit: Membership Launch

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At age 60, after publishing 12 books and selling millions of fitness DVDs, Denise Austin was looking for a new way to engage with her fans.

So we created the LifeFit Membership. Targeted toward baby boomers, LifeFit is less about looking a certain way and more about being healthy enough to take on any challenge you face, at any age.

To promote the membership, we rebranded Denise Austin, creating a website, apparel, logo, brand voice, brand strategy, and acquisition strategy.


Pre-Registration Campaign

Targeted Facebook Ads

Carousel Ad

We drove FB ad traffic to a microsite while the membership and full site were under development.

LifeFit Membership

To launch the new membership, we created the LifeFit & Flexible Challenge. Over the course of 2 days, we shot 16 new workouts and 3 stretch routines.

LifeFit & Flexible Challenge

Day 1 Challenge: 3-Minute Abs


Bringing together SEO best practices and the LifeFit content strategy, we formed Denise’s blog around the 4 pillars of LifeFit: Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness.

LifeFit Voice & Tone