Griddy: Membership Launch

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Griddy was the first wholesale electricity provider in the US, entering the deregulated Texas energy market where consumers had been overpaying for electricity for 15 years.


We used the above wild postings to bring those frustrated consumers to our microsite,—a spoof on Texas-run

While Power to Confuse stole web traffic from Power to Choose and sent consumers straight to the Griddy site, we used SEO blog posts, email campaigns, and targeted social ad campaigns to drive pre-registration signups for Griddy.





Griddy Homepage

Griddy App

Griddy tips are one of the features of the app, changing as the price of energy changes. We wrote the Griddy tips to correspond with either high prices, low prices, free energy, or somewhere in between.



Before we did any of that, we branded Griddy with a new name, logo, and voice & tone.